Sunday, 31 July 2016

Malcolm Turnbull looking poor

It was not a great week for Malcolm Turnbull.
He has never had a reputation for political judgement but it certainly came home in spades last week.

first we had the mean and incredibly small minded decision of not to nominate Kevin Rudd to the Secretary General 's job of the UN. If a former successful; Prime minister and foreign diplomat cannot be nominated then no-one can. Peter Nadin has it right 

Then we have Turnbull appointing the former Chief Justice of the northern Territory to head the Royal Commission. It should not have gone to an insider so to speak but to someone outside the Territory. Also Shorten's  thoughts of an aboriginal person on the RC was worthy of consideration.

In the end I agree with John Quiggin.for-his-own-self-respect-turnbull-should-quit

Martin has resigned being the Royal Commissioner. oh dear.
He has shown more class and integrity than Heydon ever did.

Further Update:
Mick Gooda is hopelessly compromised on this nor does he possess the intellectual disposition to be a co-chair of a Royal Commission. It was a woeful decision to appoint him, Margaret White is going to do a hellva lot of heavy lifting on this.