Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The ALP is in the box seat

The ALP is looking good for the next election.
The reasons are myriad
Shorten is now seen as a credible leader.
Turnbull is still seen as being led by conservative forces and not being himself.
The conservative forces want to get rid of Turnbull with the major problem being no credible alternative.
The ALP has had an infusion of talent which might put under performing shadow ministers under pressure to perform.
The government has no program of policies to deliver
Medicare will be looked at with great scrutiny.
The big plus to the government is now the ALP can smell government they are morel likely to support budget repair measures providing they are fair. Thus the government will enact ALP policy in essence.

As Harold McMillan once said events change things. In 1998 we could have said the same thing but along came Tampa and Howard rode that to victory.
the question is could Turnbull rise such an event to power again and is the current ALP as over-confident of victory now as then.

We shall see