Monday, 18 July 2016

Banning all Muslin immigration

One of more  absurd things that occurred yesterday was a remark made on the back of the Nice terrorist attack. It was to ban all muslim immigration.

Only one problem with this. Most of the terrorist attacks around the world have occurred from homegrown  muslims. Moreover most of these attacks have been from lone wolves.Banning immigration would have done nothing.
It comes from an extreme form of wahhabism which in itself is ironic. Perhaps some pressure on Saudi Arabia could prove useful here?

Two other related items on this.

Australia is not a christian country.
We are going to have a plebiscite on allowing homosexuals to marry for petes sake. Homosexuality is not illegal. Neither is adultery nor fornication both of which are rife in Australia.
We do not give a stuff about refugees at all. We put them into prison!

Apparently political correctness has got to a point where people just cannot talk about certain topics like Islam.
I guess that is why Pauline Hanson and two of her ilk look likely to get elected to the Senate or why Andrew Bolt has three jobs!!