Monday, 13 June 2016

The United States only has itself to blame for gun massacres

Yet again we have a massacre in the United States.
This time we had a lunatic who had been persuaded by satanic verses.

Why in the hell ( pun intended) can anyone buy a semi-automatic rifle in the United States  pray tell.
you do not use a semi-automatic rifle if you go shooting. you do not need one if you are a farmer , you do not need one if you are a member of a gun club.

A semi-automatic rifle is manufactured to kill people. If you allow its sale then you are allowing massacres to occur. The gun lobby in the United States has blood on its hands. A lot of blood. However so do voters. They have not supported any form of gun control.

Thank the Lord I live in Australia!

Thanks to Brad De Long for this excellent article from Josh Barro ( son of Robert) on the Orlando massacre.

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