Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Sydney Radio

A few weeks ago when I was sick I had time to watch TV and listen to the radio.

Well Julie Bishop put me off ABC 24 on the teeve.

I tried a few radio stations to see if any were interesting.

I gave up on Radio National. (the old 2FC) Sometimes interesting but mostly not.
ABC Local radio (The old 2BL) was like the curates egg. The World Today at midday was a must and Richard Glover in the afternoon was good but apart from that it was pretty boring. I did note they now have Wendy Harmer from 8.30. I simply could not take her seriously.

2GB was simply so biased ( the usual line here no such thing as climate change, the budget should have remained in surplus  nevermind the GFC or terms of trade etc ) that you listen to if you are part of that set but if not then it simply is not entertaining. 2UE was a 2GB lite station.
It was quite ironic that both stations regularly complained about ABC bias without EVER giving specific examples whilst going the full monty on their blast against the ALP. Greens and even Malcolm Turnbull. Yes Tony Abbott was always going to win this election. It is as the very bad polls never existed!

Luckily for me the Library was quite close so I could wander down there and borrow a few books to read.simply to remain sane.

A good way to identify bias is do people treat politician from different parties differently. Leigh Sales from 7.30 for example interviews Malcolm Turnbull or Bill Shorten the same way.
On the other hand when ever Scott Morrison or Peter Dutton are regularly 'interviewed on 2GB it is a love in.