Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A good election result

I think the Government being returned with a small majority in the House of Representatives would be a good result for the country.

The Government's performance has been poor however the Opposition has not shown they are ready for Government.

(It is striking that there has been NO budget repair at all but more importantly no plan at all in future years.
Budget repair being a reduction in the structural deficit It being now all on the revenue side as both Treasury and the PBO has shown.
You could reduce the structural deficit over time. A gradual reduction could be done without causing the economy to slow as it did when Wayne Swan went overboard in the last budget he had responsibility for, Thus we should expect the structural deficit now to be say !.5% of GDP not still 2%)

I suspect such a result for be bad for Malcolm Turnbull as leader of the Liberal party.

Given the Upper House will be dominated by Non-government parties and the Government has shown they simply cannot negotiate it could well be not a lot gets done.

This would mean an early election if the polls favour the government or a poll in three years time if they do not.

Negotiation is part of the political process now. If you cannot negotiate you cannot govern. NO major party has woken up to this yet.

It is highly ironic that Julia Gillard who was a poor politician was a master negotiator. She had neither a majority in the lower or upper house. She was able to get policy through nevertheless.

Julia Gillard as a template for Prime Minister. Who would have thunked it!!

Mark the Ballot , again
Kevin Bonham
The Pollbludger

I  feel must make comment on Katesy's latest ravings. He believes Abbott would have easily won this election. The last poll with Abbott in charge was 53.6% for the ALP. That is why the Liberals ditched him. This has been confirmed in last weeks Galaxy poll.
A person who believes Abbott would have won is a raving idiot!