Sunday, 26 June 2016

Brexit, Mediscare, costings etc

We go into the last week of the election campaign and little has changed.

Brexit has occurred but no economic catastrophe.( NO markets or polls picked this the betting markets in particular.) At this stage it appears to be a one day wonder.
Normally the incumbent Government would gain except when you have changed Leaders nine months ago you can hardly say you are a stable government.
A bit surprising to hear if problems did occur Scott Morrison would reduce the deficit faster not slower. Does he really think contractionary policies would fix things. Obviously hasn't examined Europe at all.

I heard the ALP costings meant the deficit had ballooned out. They would run a deficit of 2.3% rather than 2.2% of GDP the Government prefers. In all reality there is no difference between the parties at all. Why are journalists  so gullible on this subject?

Mediscare was al about getting the voters to focus on Medicare and realise the Present government would destroy it. Well destroy is not privatise and the polls show it has not made any difference at all. Dennis Shanahan right again I see. Mind you neither has 'protecting our borders'. Andrew Elder right about out Journos again.

I unfortunately saw some political ads It seems to me the ALP's is more hard hitting  but hardly vote changing.

Bring on Sunday please