Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Fake Tradie and all that

Okay I am late on this as I had never seen this ad but now I cannot miss this.

Elle Hunt has a great article on it.  There are so many things wrong in the ad I just wonder how it got past quality control.
Sinclair Davidson thinks this is an example of the ALP not knowing real people.

Hmm what is a tradie?  I would have thought a tradie is a person ,usually a man, who works as a tradie. i.e if he is an electrician he goes around and fixes electrical faults in houses or apartments or does the electrical work on buildings being built. This involves a lot of outside work. It means a man of 48 would have some sort of suntan and certainly would not have manicured nails for example.

The man in the ad obviously has not a clue about the numerous mistakes in it otherwise they would no be in it. so how can this be explained.

The man has tradie qualifications which he continual updates but he does little work as a tradie. A bit like a mate of mine who keeps up to date with his accountant qualifications but does not practice as an accountant.

Perhaps Sinclair has never met a tradie or perhaps he never noticed the numerous mistakes in the ad. nothing like knowing real people!


This raises  more questions than it answers. He certainly doesn't sound like a tradies working day in day out. This does as well. note he talks about his qualifications but not what he actually does. Why did he not pick up all the many faults? Why does he not know how to dress as a tradie?

Okay now I have had my fun I will have a rant.What in the hell does privatising medicare mean. If medicare doesn't make money who would buy it! How would it be privatised?

I have no problem in criticising policies that will get rid of bulk billing,  even wary of outsourcing services when patient information could be gotten by private sectors participants but privatisation.
It is a scare campaign based on nothing at all.
Stephen Duckett makes sense of all this?