Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Government costings and Obeid

The Government claimed to have found some significant savings yesterday.
I am very cynical. The government claims finance signed off ion this.
Really. Why wasn't it in the budget then ? The government didn't just discover this could be done AFTER the budget was delivered.
Two reasons. too many hard questions to answer on how it works. Much easier if you release such rubbish a few days before an election.
See also Lenore Taylor and Saul Eslake's doubts. Peter Martin as well

If it was in the budget then it would have had to be signed off in PEFO.
Doing it this way completely avoids PEFO.

Most journalists will have forgot these policies by the time of  MYEFO. If you are lucky an improving economy will overshadow these policies as the cyclical deficit reduces.

Eddie Obeid was found guilty yesterday in a real win for ICAC. As I said previously it was ONLY ICAC which showed the public how corrupt he was. That is why it is so vitally needed in NSW. It is why we need one in Canberra