Monday, 16 May 2016

Three Military Commanders

I got a book out from the library which compared and contrasted Rommel, Patton and Montgomery.

I have read quite a few books on each before so I didn't actually read anything new but it was a worthwhile read.

Rommel was an erstwhile Hitler supporter even though he is constantly portrayed as a 'good' nazi and was killed for nought. He didn't and wasn't involved in the plot to kill Hitler. He certainly understood Germany would lose the war before D-day and should negotiate a surrender then on their terms. I doubt if he understood Hitler though. He thought if Germany lost then the country should no longer exist. Hitler like many of his henchmen took the cowards way out and committed suicide.

What makes me more impressed with Rommel than either Patton or Montgomery is because:

When he committed blitzkrieg in France France had superior tanks yet he won easily. ( If France had any decent commanders their tanks and the planes they bought from the USA should have given Germany a bloody nose. The fact it didn't was due to luck ( which went against them in Russia) and poor skill).

He was very good when pitted against superior and larger numerical forces.I have my doubts about both Montgomery and Patton in both circumstances.

Lastly Montgomery is easily the least likeable of the three.I would  not be surprised if he aspergers!