Monday, 23 May 2016

Is this lying or just plain laziness

One of our favourites wrote a column yesterday criticising the ALP's spending.
Quite a few problems.

At this stage we do not know all of the ALP's programs. We do not know for example how much of any spending plan is merely a change in priorities. Yesterday for example the ALP announced instead of a goods rail they would spend money on passenger rail which involve a significant saving!

We do know the ALP is using the Parliamentary Budget Office for costing their programs. Hence we can be confident the costings are as good as can be gotten. The Peroxide Princess criticises the PBO but doesn't give any evidence to back her criticism up at all. If she was consistent then she would criticise the budget to high heaven as she should have little confidence their costings!

The time to get stuck into the ALP  spending any revenue estimates is when it is all announced later.It isn't now when simply no-one knows what the net spending proposals and how they are funded is known.,

Sinkers had a go at Richard Di Natale. Now I have no time for the Greens who are in essence backdoor marxists. It is pretty easy to criticise their policies. However is Sinkers so lazy he didn't know the position here is a part-time one. Why would anyone put up the full-time  minimum wage unless they are goebellising?

It is no wonder given how poor both articles were Sinkers does not allow Free speech over at Catallaxy.