Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Peter Dutton is a grub

We learn't yesterday the Coalition is very worried about losing the election. They had Dutton as bad cop and Turnbull as good cop.
Dutton made allegations which are wrong even on his own preferred source. He was clearly dogwhistling to get the redneck vote. The ABC also showed his allegations were crap This makes it worse much worse.. Will all those right wing commentators now say they were wrong?

Even sinkers thought the allegations crap. Mind you how refugees can take 'aussie' jobs and be unemployed was beyond him ( Dutton)!

How a Minster can believe in the lump of labour fallacy is disconcerting.

I doubt is this will work for the Coalition. Dutton was altogether too open about his dogwhistling. Turnbull never looks good at being Abbott lite. I also agree with Steve from Brisbane

Shorten is performing way better than I thought he could whilst Turnbull is well below where  I thought he would be.