Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Keating has a lot to answer for

In the 1987 election Paul Keating went through the opposition's policies and found a large mathematical error.
John Howard was so enraged he grabbed his shadow treasurer by the throat and started to choke him. He had to be pulled off him . Howard obviously thought at the time his  only chance at being Prime minister was gone.  As in many things he was wrong.

Go to 2004 and Peter Costello made some large claims about ALP economic policy. however this blew up in his face when firstly on AM he was given a tutorial on budgetary costings by the ABC reporter and secondly when Treasury showed in their costings Costell o simply had no idea.

Yesterday we had Morrison and Cormann attempting to do a Keating. Again it was embarrassing. They were in my words of yesterday either ignorant or lying through their teeth. Morrison's interview with Leigh Sales could well be the worst I have seen for a long time. He was terrible.
See Gareth Hutchens for how the Minsters calculated their figures!

When the current government won the last election they initially attempted to say the cupboard was bare without realising this is impassible given the Charter of budget honesty. Now the same government thinks the political scene is the same and the advent of the Parliamentary Budget Office has not done anything.

It is a different era now fellas!

As much as I hate to admit tony burke has been one of the most effective ALP politicians both on this and on other issues. He had both Morrison and Cormann for breakfast. I hate to admit because I simply do not like the bloke.