Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Would an ETS be a vote killer for the ALP?

There was a leak yesterday on a discussion paper from the ALP. This undoubtedly came from a business group to whom it was given for comment. Holy gullibility Batman!

however if the ALP do adopt an ETS as policy would it be a negative for the ALP? I have heard Tony Abbott is a great negative campaigner and would be all over this.

One BIG problem with this argument however. A scare campaign only works before a policy is implemented not after.
The GST was a vote loser for Howard BUT after it was implemented it was a bit of a yawn. The paperwork associated with it like the BAS certainly cheesed a lot of people off but not the GST.
Similarly the ETS which the previous Government imposed was a vote loser but again a BIG yawn once it came in.

People have memories. you cannot make a scare campaign on a policy which occurred and nothing happened like you said it would particularly if you went into hyperbole overdrive on it like Tony Abbott did.

Imagine a leader's debate and Abbott starts to hyperventilate about the ETS. Shorten merely has to look into the camera and ask the people of Whyalla was Tony Abbott correct? In other word It is very east for Abbott to get fed on this issue. Moreover Abbott has little credibility these days.

Of course this all assumes the ALP are capable politicians and we recently saw in the Killing season many are not.