Sunday, 5 July 2015

A few things

I am not feeling so good .  One should not referee two games of football at my venerable age when you have symptoms of the flu.
I was coughing badly last night and my ribs on my right side hurt every time this occurred.

I am visiting my mother at Port Macquarie this week as well so writing could well be sparse.

A few things of note:

If classical economics worked at all then Greece should now be booming not mired in recession. The Troika want another large reduction in structural spending. This would mean more recession , more unemployment etc. It also means that creditors would never get their money back so go figure.

The government has not come out of the Q&A furore very well at all. Both Paul Kelly and Tim Wilson were close to being inarticulate in explaining why Q&A was wrong,. Turnbull was also in attempting to claim a security threat. No explanation of why the question by Mallah was a bad one and if it was a gotcha question then how was it.?
No attempt to explain why the Minister lied blatantly about Mallah's case or how he could deport an Australian national

The government still wants to ban ministers from appearing on the program despite their lying and wilful lazy behaviour on Monis. No wonder the punters are bored by their behaviour.
Apparently Piers Ackerman won't be on tonight. One less delusionist!  Can we ask him to make it permanent!

Kates is mad
I see Katesy is saying Obama's keynesian economic policy has failed and he should copy what occurred in the 1920s.
Two problems and they are major. Except for the limited stimulus Obama has adopted a very restricted fiscal policy. The public sector has detracted from growth  not added to it like Reagan did!

The 1920s in the USA saw something unique. It had not one not two but THREE recessions in SEVEN years. Only a complete buffoon would advocate policies that allowed the USA to experience such 'bliss'
Please someone keep him in his white jacket throw him in a padded cell and then throw away the key.