Monday, 20 July 2015

The Ashes Second Test

Wow, The second test was a mirror image of the first test except Australia were far more dominant.

The Australian batsmen were rarely troubled and easily scored runs. The bowlers were disciplined and swung the ball better than their pommy counterparts. They also got more out of this dead pitch.
They fielded well.After winning the toss Clarke captained well. The two changes worked quite well.

The Poms were awful. Lords was a dead batting pitch yet they managed only 103 in the second innings. They need an attacking partner for Cook opening, A first drop with a decent technique and a replacement for Bell. Pieterson is the obvious replacement for Bell. Bairstow for Ballance.
Against the Windies, The Kiwis and now us the poms are usually 4-3- or 40 or 50. given this has occurred too often something must be done.
Only Broad was impressive bowling. Anderson had the worst test I have ever seen him play.
I doubt if the bowlers will bowl as badly again.

I think we are favourites to win the Ashes however Anderson can still win a test on his day. if he bowls badly the Poms are shot ducks.

We shall see