Sunday, 19 July 2015

Bronwyn Bishop and politicians' entitlements

The trouble Bronwyn Bishop is in over her use of a helicopter shows no signs of abating.
I am with Andrew Elder on what it is really about. Laurie Oakes reinforces Andrew's opinion of Bishop.
Bishop's behaviour has allowed this to go on when it should have run its course ages ago.Her political judgement has always been poor so no surprises there.

I have no sympathy for Bishop. She is clearly a pathetic speaker and the only one to suspend a member for laughing!

However it does raise politicians' entitlements and whether they should be changed.

In private enterprise if you stay anywhere you pay the bill and are reimbursed for the amount. The politicians are paid an allowance. This is ludicrous.

Take where they live in Canberra. .If she share living with other politicians and thus the rent and it is well below the allowance they are given they make money.

Politicians should not be able to access superannuation before anyone can.

The entitlements have come about because we do not pay politicians as much as they should be so they try and make up for it by other means.

It should be reformed.

Banaby Joyce thought he had a gotcha on Shorten. He didn't and now has egg over his face.
Even though Shorten's trip was justified like Abbott's down in Melbourne it should not have been.

More evidence of the need for reform.