Monday, 27 July 2015

Adam Goodes

Apparently a lot of politically correct people do not like spectators booing Adam Goodes at Aussie Rules games. Indeed they claim it is racist.

Racist ah.

The Swans have other aboriginals playing in the team. Do they get booed?   NO!
Other Aussie rules teams have aboriginals in their teams. Do they get booed? No

It is only Adam Goodes.

It could well be they boo him simply because he is a tosser. It has been so ever since people have have going to sporting games.

It is pertinent to say here this only started when he deliberately made provocative gestures to part of a crowd. The only reason he wasn't fined , like any other sportsman, was because he was allegedly displaying his heritage.

I should have added previously a person who pays their money at the turnstiles is entitled to cheer or boo as much as they wish.


If in a test match between Australia and New Zealand a Kiwi forward did a haka at Australian supporters immediately after scoring a try most people would see that as a provocative act. It is the same for Goodes!

When was was a young teenager I had a mate who was a Canterbury Bankstown supporter and I went to watch his team with him and his Dad. I heard the terms ape and monkey made frequently at players who were hirsute.  It has never been a racist term where I have been.

Just saying