Tuesday, 19 August 2014

What can we say about Joe Hockey

Joe Hockey has had a pretty poor week indeed fortnight.
John Quiggin was early on his case. Greg Jericho was there as well. Ross Gittins is around there too.

Andrew Elder also bought in. Mumble thought Joe needed a break. He remembered Paul Keating and Peter Costello very early as treasurers and how unimpressive they were.( Indeed there were calls to remove Keating as he was thought a 'captive' of Treasury!!)

I tend to think Mumble has a point BUT Keating had less time as shadow treasurer to prepare for Government and he had the worst Treasury Secretary to help him in John Stone.

I have said previously Hockey has good staff so I do not know how Hockey mixed up absolute and relative revenue of income earners.He appears not to understand what is a progressive and a regressive tax is!

He also needs a plan B as plan A plainly has failed.
It doesn't matter how many times you say Labor's deficit and debt disaster if it hasn't resonated with the public you need to move on. You also cannot argue the budget was fair when all the evidence points to it be quite unfair.

It seems the Present government is as bad as the Government they replaced at basic politics.