Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sinclair Davidson is a disgrace

Late last week I was perusing Gerry Jackson's idiosyncratic blog which I always enjoy reading ( whilst disagreeing with him  most of the time) and I was astounded to see someone in the comments say Sinclair Davidson had labelled Gerry's site a hate site.

So I read his comments here and found to my astonishment  Davidson had slurred four people as haters;

  1. Gerry Jackson
  2. M0nty
  3. Steve from Brisbane
  4. Me
( it is highly ironic at the very time he is accusing people of having hate sites people commenting indulged in the said topic!)

What is this poor luvvie on about ? Was he merely goebbelsising again?

He is saying anyone who has the effrontery to criticise him has a hate site.
What a sad demented man he is.

I read all these sites and I have never read any hate directed towards Davidson. Yes they criticise him on issues but so what. Davidson dishes it out but it seems he cannot take it. How thin skinned is that.

For my part I regularly have fun on how Davidson said Swan's last budget ( he had responsibility for) was expansionary  when it was the most contractionary in recorded history
Or there is when Treasury forecast the ETS would add 0.75 percentage points to the CPI and when the CPI was released he said Treasury had under-estimated the impact of the ETS. It had in fact over-estimated its impact. it added 0.25 percentage points. These are but two of Davidson's glorious 'mistakes' ( for which he has never given a correction nor retraction.)

Davidson's psyche can be gauged from an exchange he had on his blog when he questioned why the person wrote there when he disagreed with most people there. Thus only people who engage in group think should write there.

I might be a tad harsh with Davidson as clearly he did not understand what the word predecessor meant.