Monday, 11 August 2014

The Government's blues again

We have examined the reasons behind why the government had no honeymoon in the polls and why it polling do bad previously.

Rather than going over the same old issues I though I might try another way of examining the topic.

When you are in Opposition you shouldn't just criticise the government and their policies and think through what you might do when you are in Government.

The Present government quite obviously did not do this at all.
They put all their  eggs in the deficit and debt crisis and the cupboard was bare arguments. They believed after the public swallowed this then they would not need to do many of the things they said they would do given that economic circumstances had 'changed!

They got it badly wrong on number of counts.
Firstly the Charter of Budget honesty introduced by Peter Costello makes the cupboard is bare nonsensical. Treasury and Finance put out PEFO during the election campaign. Thus we can see if the cupboard is bare or not. It was NOT!

Secondly after saying they would not break promises like the previous government they then did.
They then brought down a budget which was manifestly unfair.
Neither the PM nor the Treasurer had a great understanding of the detail of the budget.
Moreover the present government is as bad at politics as the Government they replaced.

Add all this to what we have written about before then if world growth does not pick up between now and the next election then the Present Government could well become a one term Government.