Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Israel and Palestine

Here are a few things about the current situation in no order of importance.

  • Hamas pose little threat to Israel. Their rockets ar primitive-and-inaccurate. Israel is more than capable of coping with them.
  • This is one of the very few places on the planet where terrorists kill a lot less people then a country's army.
  • Hamas political wing has little influence whereas their military wing has almost total influence. This can be directly related to Israel's policy of denying Hamas any role in Government.
  • History shows Terrorists are quite capable of changing and becoming politicians. We have seen this in Northern Ireland but also Israel itself. If you asked anybody in Israel in 1948 or even outside it that Begin or Shamir would become Prime Minister of Israel they would have laughed in your face. 
  • The Terrorists of 1948 namely the Stern gang ,Irigun etc put Hamas in the shade in terms of murdering people. They caused whole villages to be devoid of people because they were afraid of being massacred. 
  • Israel's strategy is flawed.
  • They could use another Strategy.
  • Both this 'war' and the one with Hizbullah has exposed the military skills of the IDF. In a number of incidents the IDF have been shown up. They no longer have that 'stamp of invincibility' about them.