Sunday, 24 August 2014

Scott Morrison is a disgrace

Scott Morrison fronted the Human Rights Commission into what is occurring to Children who are refugees in the detention centres they are forced to live in.
 He apparently didn't like the detention centres being likened to prisons.
He wanted to know how the Christmas Island detention centre is like the Malabar prison.
Well for a start I have yet to read anywhere that a person asserting detention centres are like prisons are saying they are similar to maximum security centres.
Prisons go from Maximum security complexes to minimum security to prison farms to weekend detention centres.
Either Morrison knows this and is deliberately avoiding answering the question or he has no idea. It doesn't matter. He has no moral compass. The lack of freedom for children was the major reason why children were incurring the psychological problems they have.

And we should NEVER forget it was the ALP who started these refugee prisons!