Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Some interesting experiences I have had of late on some Sites

I was reading Legal Eagle not long ago and in particular what Lorenzo was saying in defence of Israel . He said it was appalling to accuse it of apartheid. So I asked him why Jewish Israelis got Government services , ID cards being the most important item , from different offices to Arab Israelis. why were there different allowances made for water.
He simply deleted my comments and then stopped me commenting again showing he believes in free Speech as much as Sinclair Davidson does.

Then I was reading Club Troppo where Nick Gruen was asking for help. I told him I felt his pan as I could not comment at his site using Not Trampis.
That dictator ( say this in gest as Nick is probably the nicest bloke in the Blogosphere) promptly deleted my comment. I still cannot comment at Club Troppo and you contact anyone to tell them of the problem!!!!

Then Jim rose put up some blow in who claimed Australia had excessive spending. I replied this was simply ideology as for example neither interest rates nor inflation was rising. where was the evidence for this claim of excessive spending. He has yet to reply and I do not expect him to do so. Evidence to back up half baked assertions is not his forte.

Meanwhile I will prepare for cricket season!!