Tuesday, 24 June 2014

tobaccy agin

M0nty has done us all a favour and shows up the lies and ignorance of the Catallaxy crowd.
I am astounded, positively astounded that Davidson and Ergas cannot and do not understand basic ABS statistics!

What we have here is also the huge hypocrisy of the Catallaxy crowd. Try and see if you can comment over there and offer a different point of view!
You cannot yet they claim to believe in free speech.

You say the tightest budget we have ever seen is expansionary then they agree. you say that Treasury under-estimated the impact on the CPI of the ETS when it over-estimated then they believe you.
If you say the ABS cannot measure substitution effects when it can they will believe you.

It is the blog for Forrest Gumps!

Wow how did I miss THIS from Bill Mitchell.
The IPA really have no standards at all which is very simlar to Catallaxy