Sunday, 8 June 2014

Catallaxy not telling the truth again.

A few days ago the tobacco lobby tried to allege smoking was rising despite government action.
Sinclair Davidson being the indolent person he is wrote about this saying how the Government had got it all wrong.
The Kouk looked into this and found it absolute crap.
Davidson then came back again and attempted to say the Kouk was cherry picking the data. Please note he never retracts his original claim based on FALSE data

See it all here at Steve from Brisbane .

One problem though. All the Kouk was doing was showing that smoking volumes had fallen quite a lot and that the tobacco lobby was lying. He was not doing anything like what Davidson was accusing him of.

This is not the first time Davidson and the truth have been very different.
Davidson is now showing up imports of tobacco. Only problem is he is comparing seasonally adjusted data in real terms with simple original data. Oh dear. Just as well Davidson is not an economist!

Now he is back saying the original story was true but unable to say why the ABS statistics are wrong. It always helps if your audience is really stupid!

Then we have this bit of nonsense from Katesy. Europe going hard on Keynesian stimulus.Except they haven't.

Katesy has a good reason for being unable to tell the truth. He has lost his marbles. In turnbull speak he is unhinged. What is Davidson's excuse?