Sunday, 1 June 2014

FIFA it is a disagrace

The Sunday Times has finally put meat on the corruption claims of the awarding of the World Cup to Qatar.
We all suspected this after the absurd decision to award the World Cup to Qatar.

Why absurd?
In the typical period for when the world Cup is on the temperatures are around 40 degrees Celsius.
It doesn't matter if ALL the stadiums are air conditioned.
Part of the World Cup is what happens outside of the games. It is a party atmosphere. How can you enjoy yourself in Qatar?

If FIFA has any moral scruples at all then it will allow voting on the World Cup again.

I very much doubt if FIFA will vote for Australia although after the Olympic Games we should have been a lay down misere. I suspect it will go to the USA.

The USA will still give us a much better World Game than Qatar.

The World Game is the BIGGEST sporting event in the world and thus the decision on where it goes should be as transparent as possible.

It should NEVER have been awarded to Qatar!