Monday, 2 June 2014

Problems of Islam, the case of Sudan

We have the problem of the Sudanese accused and found guilty in a Sudanese court of converting from Islam to Christianity . ( This is one newspaper article on it.)

Now not all Islamic 'scholars' agree that the punishment for apostasy is death under Islamic law. However they certainly believe this in Sudan. The woman's sentence has not yet been revoked.

Among the absurd conclusions they came to was despite the woman always having been a christian, she was raised by her christian mother, since her Father was a  muslim therefore she is a muslim.

Given the court does not recognise their marriage certificate therefore both people are adulterers and thus must receive whippings as punishment.
( This reminds me of women in Pakistan who have accused men of raping them but cannot prove it because woman need a 'greater weight' of evidence for their allegations than men and are then found guilty of adultery and of course must receive a whipping for their punishment!

This is a disgrace.