Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Carbon prices and the US economy

Last night we had the extraordinary performance of Clive Palmer.

Peter Martin believes he has saved the furniture! Alas he has been wood-ducked. Clive wants to abolish the existing ETS which has a fixed price on carbon and hope some time later an ETS with a flexible price will be introduced. We keep the Climate Change Authority. fine. We keep the renewable energy targets and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.However without either an ETS or a carbon tax both become meaningless.
What political parties should do is simply bring forward the flexible price on the existing ETS and see what Palmer does!
Remarkably Sinclair Davidson gets it right! Yes that's right. Mark it down ladies and gentlemen.

M0nty chimes in

The US economy contracted in the March quarter. Severe winter weather in the primary cause. Seasonal adjustment factors simply do not pick this up.
Katesy believes this is all about Keynesian economics. Err the public sector is detracting from growth. Obama is in fact doing exactly what Katesy wants!! Another own goal from a person who cannot GDP statistics.