Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Greg Jericho nails it!

Various 'conservative' commentators have been spouting that the Australian industrial relations systems has been re-regulated. These comments have always been evidence free.

Now Greg Jericho has put together an article on the statistics behind our industrial relations systems.

Please notice that wages are now rising at a slower rate than when we got hit by the GFC. Industrial disputes are very low as well. Unemployment is possibly lower than it would otherwise be not higher given the state of the economy.

All in all there is no evidence whatsoever that the labour market has been re-regulated. ( Surely a hint of this would be the number of pages in the fair work act is much lower than under workchoices!)

This won't matter in the right wing hemisphere. As we saw two days ago Sinclair Davidson can still argue consumption of tobacco is rising when it is clearly falling. They are simply incapable of telling the truth.