Thursday, 5 July 2018

Who will win the World Cup

Now we have had the all the games of the final 16 we should make a prediction of which country will win the country.

Quite clearly no team stood up and said we can win it however you look for teams that can improve on their showings.

Only two teams cam improve. Brazil can but only a bit.
France on the other hand cam improve a lot indeed they could win the world cup in a canter if they got out of first gear. They did marginally get into 2nd gear against Argentina and looked ominous.

The major question is can they get to full gear.
They face three problems

  1. They have a hopeless coach
  2. They have yet to gel as a team
  3. Related to this is the problem stated above of getting out of 1st gear
So my prediction is France however I think their quarter final and most certainly their semi-final will be a better match than the final

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