Sunday, 15 July 2018

John Quiggin aping Sinclair Davidson

Unfortunately John Quiggin is now aping Sinclair Davidson.
In this article he accuses Tony Wood of the Grattan Institute of being a denialist.

The accusation is spurious and based on a statement from Tony Wood
All Wood is saying is please ignore the  extremists on both sides. You know the people who say stop all coal now or on the other hand say the government should only fund coal powered stations.
Apparently this is all beyond John.

Let us take this a bit further.
What does a denialist do?

  • They deny a warming world. Does Wood do this? NO!
  • They do not see any reason for a carbon tax, ETS or any other policy which involves curbing carbon emissions. Does Wood do this ? NO!
  • They offer estimates of the cost of power of new coal power stations which are absurdly low and much less than renewables. Does Wood do this? NO!
  • They will claim renewables are the main reason for the higher price of electricity these days. does wood do this? NO!
In all cases he does quite the opposite

Indeed the statement John quotes of Wood completely contradicts John's claim. If Wood was a denialist he would not have talked about a deep fear to protect the role of coal for base load power.

Renewables are now cheaper than coal for electricity generation. The reason Wood is advocating a NEG now and not say an ETS is because of the toxic political arena we have.

Whilst John wants to be clean and pure Wood wants something to be done. A NEG will mean coal declining and it can be implemented under the present government. An ETS is simply out of the question until the nest election at the earliest.

If John cannot  see that then he simply simply following a Trumpian path!

HERE is their view on the new AEMO report. It is nothing like a denialist would write.
Apologise now John and rescue your formerly good reputation

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