Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Two TV shows that have had its day

Tonight on Channel 10 two shows will follow each other. Unfortunately They have to go/

Instinct is in its first season. The actors and actresses are fine. ( the lieutenant is an absolute babe), the characters not too bad, the scripts reasonable however when you team up a female detective who obviously needs to find another boyfriend with an expert on weird murder and who has no social skills you assume this is a romance in the making. No. He is homosexual so we are denied that romantic tension the yanks can do so well.

Thus we end up with a show that just does not gel at all.

Madam Secretary started out well. It is the poor mans West Wing however it has run off the rails.
Change of characters that do not work as well as writing that simply does not understand the subject are among the reasons for its demise.

The main actress was stunning when the show started but even she gas gone downhill for some reason.

I can live with scripts that leave a lot to the  imagination such as the Secretary's husband going from being a ace jet pilot to completing a PhD in theology. It is assumed he is catholic however the frustrating thing is we simply do not know if the household and he in particular believe in God or perhaps does so in a very liberal manner or even is an atheist.

An example shows this. Their youngest boy has a girlfriend so they think it is an appropriate time to talk about safe sex???   Wouldn't they talk about no sex until married? It is though the PhD in theology was simply thought up in a thought bubble and no consideration was given to what it exactly meant to the characters.

The other large problem which the West wing dealt with is that Elizabeth always comes through. nothing ever goes wrong.

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