Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Hansen and liars

30 years ago James Hansen made a famous testimony to the US Congress.
Probably because of his eerily accurate predictions on world temperature there have been at least two attempts to discredit his testimony.
Both have failed.
The Wall Street Journal gave us the first attempt. See HERE for a demolition of it.
Next was two  more people who tried a different way. See HERE for its demolition.

Why do such people resort to such blatant lies. moreover lies that are easily shown.

My guess is that the people they are writing to are not all that smart and will accept such material holus bolus even when shown it is complete crap. come on down our own Andrew Bolt.

This is par for the course. This is the usual  par for the course at Watts up with That for example.

In essence denialists will always be denialists despite what the evidence says. Indeed the more the evidence turns against them the more they resort to outright lies as we have seen here.

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