Monday, 9 July 2018

Privatising the ABC is both stupid and lazy thinking

The idea of privatising the ABC is both extremely stupid and sloppy lazy thinking.
Here is Sinclair Davidson latest apologia for his and Chris Berg latest 'work' on the topic.

Let us get to basics. What do you privatise? Commercial activities that are NOT essential industries.
The ABC does not even get close to this. Let us be specific. as I showed HERE when examining Sydney Radio  Radio National only does programs that attracts a very selected audience.
Indeed if the ABC did any commercial work there would be a hue and cry from the commercial media because it would be eating into their profits. There has been no outcry from the commercial media not even a whimper.

So what is the point of the Davidson and Berg 'paper' then given it is both stupid and lazy.

They want to get rid of the ABC but do not want to say this. 

No ABC employee would become an 'owner' of part of the current ABC as they do not have the capital to continue funding it. Why is this? Because it doe not have commercial activities!!!

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