Sunday, 10 June 2018

The Socceroos and Russia

I must be honest. I am not optimistic about our game with France on Saturday night.

First the good news.
History shows France is a slow starter, If you must play them then the first game is the best.
It also shows south American teams do not play well in Europe.
We also know Denmark have injury problems in their defence and the replacements are slow ( which is why McClaren is still in the squad.

Now for realism.
We have played four games under 'Aussie' Bert. We have only played well once.
both Milligan and Risdon look out of their depth in their respective positions.
Abbout is fast, fit and will ling upfront but lacks touch.
Mooy is not giving any killer passes to Leckie or anyone else.
It appears Milo is on the outer and he was a tower of strength against Honduras. He never lost a tackle or header. He was inspiring.
Rogic and Mooy appear not to be able to play together, They have defensive limitations.

My thoughts.

  • Move Rogic to Striker. He does have one hellva strike on him 
  • Move Milo to centreback back
  • Pick Arzani ahead of Kruse. Kruse has not been the same player since he was badly injured.
  • Pray!!!
I always live in hope however

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