Monday, 4 June 2018

Sydney Radio

I thought I would get away from the serious today.

I will concentrate on AM radio as the only FM radio I listened to ABCFM and whatever 102.5 is calling itself. ( it has a great blues program from 8 p.m. on Monday nights).

ABC Radio  National is a jewel. It is also a bit of a curates egg. I have neither the time nor the inclination to investigate all the programs they have but a few I do like are:

  • Background briefing. It it is on a subject that interests you it is essential listening. I still remember one done on dentistry and Multi-national corporations. My demist fully supported its investigations.
  • Geraldine Dooge and her morning program on Saturday. If I am awake I always listen to it.
  • Tom Switzer's between the lines. He has personality and interesting guests
  • Phiilp Adams late night live. Loads of personality , a great radio voice and fascinating guests usually talking about their book articles.
  • Breakfast would be essential listening if Hamish McDonald took the program over from Fran Kelly.

ABC News Radio is very good when parliament was not on. News from around the world from various radio organisations. Hate Aussie rules on the weekends though.

ABC Local radio ( which is what they call 702 these days) is good for the current affairs programs when on. AM on in the morning , PM in the evening and the world at noon at midday. ( strange about all those programs.)

2GB is the highest rating station. It is also the most biased station. Tony Abbott, Peter Dutton are regulars who 'interviewed' on the station. Fake news like a lack of electricity following Liddell being closed own is regularly talked about.  Malcolm Turnbull is not liked but tony Abbott is. some of the 'personalities' have do have loads of personality so you can understand why they are successful.Ray Hadley or Ben Fordham come to mind. however Alan Jones does not . He is simply a grumpy old man who whinges a lot and he has no personalty. ( My own Alan Jones story will come along at some stage. He sounds like the insecure, vindictive person he is yet he is popular. why?

2UE is now simply a sports station after its  unsuccessful foray into lifestyle. most of its presenters are deadset boring. ( is that a good sporting sentence). I don't want to hear about ice hockey or US basketball or even AFL .Its superstar is Billy McGee. Loads of personality, tons of enthusiasm for any sport and always talks as he understands all facets of the sport he is taking about,, I know him from the A-League show on 2GB and he is a breath of fresh air. He comes on about 8.15-30 at night to talk about up to date sport.  He talks as though he is a lot younger than he actually is.
One boring thing is on saturday and sunday night they replay press conferences.

2KY is simply if you are a loser who punts a lot and thus loses money. Only in Australia.

It can get very boring at night on the weekends with all station ( except radio national and 2 KY) broadcasting AFL or NRL games.

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