Wednesday, 6 June 2018

A few comments on Australian politics

We had recently Reach-Tel polls both nationally and on two by-election seats.
A few things to note. polls on by-elections are quite unreliable. As a resident of Bennelong I know this only too well.
We can add to that by asking why the two seat polls are so different to the national poll particularly since both are marginal seats.

I do wish Joyce would leave politics and get a job with Hancock. He is insufferably embarrassing these days. For  such a 'wonderful' retail politician and she being a PR guru they both stuff up every time when they front cameras or give an interview.

One Nation

I talked before about Pauline Hanson. doesn't she look old and haggard these days!  I am afraid implosion will always occur in One Nation as it is essentially a cult built on Hanson. When people are elected and realise she is not very smart ( euphemism) and has a Svengali behind her there is always a dispute. What makes this worse is that she demands loyalty and gives none herself.

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