Sunday, 17 June 2018

Australia V France

So near yet so far away.

We deserved a draw yet were denied. in this family of referees we were absolutely perplexed by the VAR decision. When the FIFA technical committee decided to give reasons why the decision was correct it got worse. Risdon got the the ball yet it was a trip?
I maybe a tad too cynical but if the incident happened at the other end then I very much doubt any decision to review the decision would have been made!

'Aussie' Bert made one bad decision. Rogic should not have played. He was never going to get the space to do any attacking and his defending is always on the light side. Irvine would have been a better selection and would have let both Jedinek and Local Carlo boy Mooy to less defending and thus more energy in the last 10 minutes.

I also did not understand putting on Juric.

Some might say we did not look like scoring. Well neither did France.
Sainsbury and Mooy were magnificent. But there was not a bad player on the filed.

I am confident we can beat both Denmark and Peru.

I suspect Mooy is buggered after this game so I would pick McClaren up front for his pace and striking ability, Azhari in stead of Kruse, Irvine instead of Mooy.

Go you good things.

I should have added Aussie Bert and his crew performed wonders in the defence. We would have leaked a number of goals against France under Ange, not under Aussie Bert.

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