Sunday, 3 June 2018

If you like Statistics ( and econometrics)

Over at the excellent Econbrowser Menzie Chinn put up this post estimates-of-excess-fatalities-in-puerto-rico-post-maria and then this post excess-deaths-inferred-from-puerto-rican-administrative-data and finally this post please-do-not-comment-on-this-post-unless-you-understand-the-following-terms. Sorry this is the last post garbage-and-non-garbage-estimates-puerto-rico-edition

I  told them all TWICE to read Andrew Gelman's post which was data-code-study-puerto-rico-deaths.

All useful posts if you merely studied statistics at Uni when doing Economics like me.

Please note the comments . They are quite good at Andrew's blog. Not so at Menzies's.

I should add it highlights the difference between statistics which is Andrew's great strength and econometrics which is Menzies's