Monday, 7 November 2016

The A League and Test Cricket

The A League is going gangbusters. For the first time I am watching the live matches on SBS on Fridays and every match has been a ripper. The competition is close the football enjoyable to watch.
If one thing could be done it would be the promotion of youngsters and some older players let go as they are not good enough.
I am simply waiting for the next Sydney derby at Homebush where they should always be played!!

The Test in Perth was very interesting. We simply did not play as a team whereas South Africa did once .Steyn left the field.
I agree on the Proteas young fast bowler. What a find. He bowled like a 31 year old not a 21 year old. how come a young bloke like this can bowl reverse swing and we cannot. Imagine what the pakis wil do!
Having said that the bowling was not the problem in this test the batting was as it has been for some time.