Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Final thoughts on the US election

We almost know the result but Clinton must be favoured. Steve from Brisbane is saying 325 electoral college votes which is the same as Sam Wang. M0nty is saying 307 which is the same as Nate Silver!

A few final thoughts

Trump is a modern day Williams Jennings Bryan. Yeah he was a democrat but he was a populist just like Trump only has was intelligent and a great orator.

Trump is a modern day reality based candidate.
Trump does not have a conservative platform.For example he will blow the deficit big time.

Clinton will be impeached. She maybe a policy wonk but she has no political smarts. She was beaten in 2008 by a junior and inexperienced senator.
She only just beat and undetectable candidate in Bernie Sanders.

Against possibly the worst ever candidate in US political history she should be a shoe-in however she is not.
She will be at best a one term President simply because you need to have political smarts. It is highly ironic whereas she has few Bill has them by the tonnes.