Monday, 28 November 2016

Some gratuitous advice to the Democrat party

Okay the US has been won by the loons!

Is there anything to understand from the election?

Well in no order of importance here are some from me.

  • Trump lost badly in the actual number of votes. This has led to him making stupid statement of why that happened. Here we have two things. Trump is vulnerable electorally. Under pressure Trump makes really stupid statements.
  • Clinton essentially lost because her strategy was bad. The team and she MUST take responsibility for this were simply complacent on taking some states and because they thought Trump was unelectable.
  • Trump was a left wing candidate and has a left wing platform. 
  • Trump made promises which can never be delivered. Locking up Clinton, building a wall, slapping a 45% tariff on Chinese goods,  etc. He made these promises because he never thought he would win
  • When the FED starts raising rates as Trump's fiscal policy is enacted Trump will hone in on Yellen. ( the Reagan team did this to Volker when he wanted to get inflation below 4% and the Democrats were mute).
  • At some stage  people will realise trump dudded them. as manufacturing industry cannot get back to 1950 levels, you cannot build a wall, you cannot have a trade war, you cannot renegotiate trade deals.
  • Trump is an old man ( who apparently trades in wives for a newer model). Being President makes you age!
There is plenty more but even here is rich pickings. I do think Bernie Sanders will have a picnic!