Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Is 18C a problem for free speech?

I am quite sceptical of people who ado vacate changes to 18c. for a start they never talk about 18D. They never say Bolt lost his case because he was lazy and admitted he had no accurate information for his charges. ( People often forget the litigants could have sued him for libel but decided on this course deliberately.).

Katherine Gelber and Luke McNamara give us food for thought and allow us to realise the Human Rights Commission has been verballed.

Richard Ackland wonders why lovers of [free speech never talk about reforming the libel laws here.

Peter Lewis also has thoughts on this.

I was not surprised that the person who drooped the case against Bill Leak ( which would have lost on 18D) was being told to go to court by Leak and his mates.

This is a manufactured outrage by an elite in society!