Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Wycliffe, the Night Manager

I was to to a friend who is way older than I and still working . We discovered we loved British police dramas.
He lent me his Wycliffe DVD set .
What a great series. the first episode was bad but after that I simply wanted to watch the whole set until it was finished. I think Jimmy Yuill steals the show as DI Kersey.
A couple of minor criticisms. Kersey is not in the last few episodes and that is a shame. Wycliffe's superior are always political operators.

Ronnie Barkers son was one of the detectives until he became a criminal!!

This series is highly recommended.

My oldest son got me to watch the Night Manager. He wanted to watch it because of Tom Hiddleston who is good but Hugh Laurie absolutely steals the show. He is the 'baddie' and Tom the 'goodie'

A word of warning however. this show is slow. very slow. It took me a long time to view it all because of this. I rarely was in the mood to watch it.
you nwil know reasnably soon whether you can go through all the episodes.