Monday, 26 September 2016


My youngest son has been watching the series on Menzies.

I was wondering whether they would talk about inflation hitting 35% under Menzies when we had the Korean war boom. No. what about Menzies probably losing both the 54 and 61 elections under fair electoral boundaires. any mention that it was Black Jack McEwen that was responsible for the Japan trade deal so if anything went pear-shaped he got the blame.

No mention of the protectionism of industry that made it a house of cards and when we were hit with an overseas shock it all came crumbling down. any mention of the Vernon committee that produced the finest report post WW2 ( and which Whitlam based his 69 and 72 campaigns. He actually had a lot of supply side reforms!)

What we got was yet another one sided or worse and ignorant view of the Menzies era,

He had a lot of luck but used it brilliantly. Just compare Shorten and his tactics now to Calwell after the 61 election.

Indeed read Daly's  memoirs on the era.entertaining reading. Evatt a genius and then a mad man. Calwell never having the strategic nous..