Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Presidential Debate

The debate went pretty much as I anticipated indeed predicted. Hillary won in a canter.
She won this easily because she was well prepared and knew the detail and Trump was not and resorted to bluster as well as trump interuptus.

What did surprise me was how Presidential Hillary looked. I really did not think she had it in her.

Trump could not talk about Hillary's greatest weakness either. Her ability to work with a hostile congress.

At this stage we do know only complete nutcases would support Trump.

One thing Clinton got badly wrong was the possibility of recession under Trump. with the Deficit blowing out to reaganesque levels the US economy would be roaring.  CBA research backs me on this. they also see the  US roaring and inflation rising sharply.


I was right

Further Update:
538 confirms Clinton's  thrashing of Trump