Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Baird runs into trouble

The most recent poll in NSW had the ALP and the government even steven. This would mean the government winning again but it still means quite a shift away from Baird since the last election.

As Julius Sumner Miller used to say Why is this so?

Well Baird has dome a lot of things and so it is not surprising some of these things has hit nerves.
Let us look at a few.

  • The Lock out laws.  ( if you are not up to speed then read the Callinan report released yesterday.) . This has proved quite popular. Amazing people do not like drunks hanging around after 2 a.m. in the morning despite cries it is bad for business.
  • Banning Greyhound racing . This has also proved popular. Most greyhounds are killed when it is  clear they cannot win races and they are trained by live baiting. Despite a huge campaign by shock jocks most people have no great love for greyhound racing!
  • Council mergers. It has always bemused me how state governments can change councils on any grounds and insist on mergers.This issue has hit hard. People are closer to local council of all Governments. The reasons put up by Baird appear spurious for mergers and I am very wary on the cricketing front re turf wickets,
  • The Selling of Poles and Wires. The rejection by Scott Morrison of the selling of Ausgrid proved very embarrassing. This needs to be sold for necessary infrastructure spending. No-one still has any idea of what is happening here.
  • Westconnex Homes have had to be resumed so westconnex could go ahead.Only inner city greenies object to this because they do not want wextconnex. .
In all of this we should also realise Luke Foley has come of age as an Opposition Leader and hit quite a few blows. He also has gained some talent ( only some) from the last election.

Given Baird is now persona no grata at 2GB will he learn the lessons of Carr with regard to these boofheads or not!!

Politics has suddenly become interesting in the state of NSW