Monday, 5 September 2016

Chinese Investment, donations and Sam

There is a lot of confusion with regard to investment in Australia.
The government have made a number of decisions denying Chinese companies owing assets in Australia. they cited national interest but never told us why it was against the national interest.
They didn't tell us why it took therm so long to do this. Why such a decision when it is five minutes to midnight.

I suggest Australia compile a ;list like the USA and Europe of industries that foreign companies cannot invest in.

With regard to foreign donations I find it highly ironic that all the people railing against the money given to Sam Dastyeri voted against John Faulkner's reforms which would have made such payments illegal.
I am also wondering why it is okay for Julie bishop to get a truckful of money yet poor old Sam got just over $1600.

Lastly the calls for the resignation is predictable yet this donation was declared and not illegal.
I think Sam should resign but for being greedy and very very stupid.It is yet further evidence the NSW right has little idea of political strategy as we saw when they overthrew Kevin Rudd.

Off to bed now as I am feeling poorly.


I should have added it gets very dangerous for senior government ministers making claims about alleged subterfuge between Chines entities and Sam.The only country who would lose if the Chines gets stroppy is Australia. Another example of a very poor political class

further update:

I saw Sam's press conference and it was a train wreck. Leigh Sales was absolutely merciless.Funny enough and i could be wrong but i think most of the air for this topic has gone but Sam has lost all credibility. That is no bad thing!