Sunday, 3 April 2016

Women in sport

I see where some of the women in the Female US football team are suing for 'equal pay'. This follows on female tennis players getting more money and the Matildas wanting equal money with the Socceroos.

Let us hang on a minute. Equal pay is for equal work. A female gets the same pay as me for doing the same job.
Female tennis players do not do the same job. In fact NO female sportswomen does equal pay for the same job as they only play against women. They never play against men or even play in the same team as men.

I remember working with as person win the financial markets who played tennis once. He got through several rounds of the Australian open.He told me that Martina Navratilova regularly gotten beaten in practice by unknown males in her heyday way down in Texas

The greatest female squash player of all time regularly got beaten in the MALE competition in Sydney.  How many games do you think Serena Williams would win if all tennis competitions were open to ALL comers??

It is politically incorrect to say so but female sport mostly is inferior to male sport.It is patently false to equate different pay for female sportswomen to equal pay for equal work!